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First Hair Colour Choices

The best method in choosing a hair colour is first to choose the results you want from it. Depending on whether you are covering grey, highlighting a natural hair colour, or using hair colour to completely change your image, knowing what you want helps you to narrow down hair colouring choices.

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Choosing a Compatible Hair Colour

After you’ve decided on results and made your commitment, it’s time to get out the colour wheel.
Beauty experts tell us that we’re either “cool” or “warm” depending on our skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour.

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Hair Colour Tips

“Complimentary colours” are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Blue-orange, violet-yellow, etc. If you want to neutralize unwanted highlights, choose the complementary colour. For instance, red will cancel out an ash undertone, and an ashen colour neutralizes any red highlights in your hair.

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Hair Colouring Forecasts

Expert beauty consultants predict that the trend in hair colours is moving away from dramatic colour and back towards more natural colours and highlighting techniques. Yet, not everyone wants to blend into the crowd. Make your personality your first consideration in choosing a hair colour or hair colouring technique that’s a perfect fit for you.

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Sweet and Saucy

Highlight straight dark hair with a top layer of light-coloured curls or curls in untraditional colours. Reverse the colours for a bolder, saucier look.

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Seasonal Hair Colour Changes

Fall and spring seem to be the most frequent times for hair colour changes. In the autumn, we often make a change in hair colour or style to forestall the winter doldrums. Then, the very freshness of spring encourages us to recreate a new image for ourselves.

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Hair Colour in the Spotlight

One-tone hair colours are making a comeback. When you want to make a striking change, consider going platinum, becoming a real redhead, or really going for the gold, bronze, silver, blue etc.

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