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Hair Colour Tips

  1. Highlighting is a great way to add tone to monochromatic hair (jet black, pure brown).
  2. Beware of hair colours that have green, blue, or purple undertones, like “ash”. If you mix them with warm tones, your hair colour will turn out green.
  3. The levels (one to twelve) you see on hair colouring boxes are the lightness or darkness of the colour. Level one is black (darkest) and level twelve is light blond.
  4. “Complimentary colours” are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Blue-orange, violet-yellow, etc. If you want to neutralize unwanted highlights, choose the complementary colour. For instance, red will cancel out an ash undertone, and an ashen colour neutralizes any red highlights in your hair.
  5. Be sure to check if your hair colour is a “progressive dye”. Progressive dyes continually add more colour with each use. For instance, if you’re colouring blond hair black, your first use of a progressive hair colour may not give the result you expected. However, continued use will turn your hair jet black.
  6. Hair colours, like perms, are chemically based. If you’re pregnant, be sure to check with your doctor before colouring your hair.
  7. Henna hair dyes are organic based hair colours that don’t mix well with chemicals.

Stay out of the pool and the ocean after colouring your hair. Neither sea salt nor chlorine mixes well with chemical hair colours. 

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